arte arte1Our winery has a history of focusing on products of extreme quality.  We believe that making wine is a form of artistic expression where land is the inspiration for an artistic soul that transforms soil to liquid art.
The aesthetic sense of the winery has become even stronger in the last few years since Gabriella became President of an association that promotes modern art, MO.Ca.

There are many different ways the world of art and wine come to life at La Tordera and we invite you come to and explore them.

Alessandro Gatto
The artist Alessandro Gatto created a label for the Gabry Rosè that depicted Gabriella holding a glass of wine.
Sonia Ross
The sculptor Sonia Ross created an artistic cork for the event “Tappo Perbacco”, that still adorns the winery grounds.
Lorenzo Merlo
La Tordera teamed up with artists Lorenzo Merlo for the event “Notte di Bollicine” to promote modern art and sparkling wine appreciation.
Tiziana Moro
La Tordera teamed up with artists Tiziana Moro for the event “Notte di Bollicine” to promote modern art and sparkling wine appreciation.

Edizione-specialeIn 2015, La Tordera sponsored an art competition in order to develop a label for a limited edition wine for the EXPO 2015.  The goal was to take create a piece of art that best matched the theme “Natural Balance- Feeding the planet”.
The competition was won by Daniele Misani, a young artist from Milano, with his piece “Spacial Coordinates”.

“Spacial Coordinates” by Daniele Misani

The small human figure, situated at the centre, represents humanity fulfilling itself in a state of harmony and completeness through the caring of our Mother Earth, in a condition of natural balance. The natural balance is intended as a state of harmony and an absence of dominant forces – a balance between the planet and the humanity dwelling within it.