Immagine del panorama delle colline di Conegliano


Conegliano is a beautiful city, particularly bound to a long religious tradition, so much so that there is a lot of religious architecture, both historical and modern, within the walls; some even from the 20th century.

A must-see is the Cathedral, recognizable because it is nestled between the Palaces of the district; its façade decorated with a fresco, which is considered by all, the greatest mural painting of the Veneto region.

The small Sant’Orsola Church, the Saint Martin and Rose Church, one of the main religious buildings of Conegliano which houses the Adoration of the Shepherds by Francesco Milano, and the ex-Convent of St. Francis dating back to 1400 with a beautiful, quadrangular, internal cloister are delightful. It should also be remembered that this small city is the birthplace of the famous artist Giambattista Cima. Moreover, Conegliano is home to the oldest enological school in Europe and it is one of the Prosecco DOCG production areas.

Distance from "LA TORDERA":1 h 15 min