Our key expression has always been “Natural Balance” which translates into constant and continuous research into sustainable agriculture from an environmental, economic and social point of view.


The new La Tordera winery, built in 2001, expanded first in 2011 an then in 2018, has obtained the “CasaClima Wine” certification, a protocol created by Agenzia CasaClima in Bolzano with the end goal of guaranteeing the sustainability of buildings dedicated to wine production. It evaluates three areas connected to sustainability: ecological quality, socio-cultural quality and economic quality. These determine the environmental impact of the building and housing comfort, the consumption of energy and water in the production of wines, the choice of packaging and the effect of transportation.



Our winery works exclusively with grapes from our privately-owned land which we personally cultivate. Our vineyards span over 27 places within the Prosecco Superiore DOCG production area, including 15 municipalities in the province of Treviso. In this area, the clayey soil offers the perfect conditions to grow vines, which always produce an abundance of fruit.

The quality control, at every step, is carried out directly by the family. This allows us to guarantee the entire production process, from the grapes to the harvest, from the fermentation to the vinification, all the way to the bottling. This is the only way we know how to put our seal of guaranteed quality on our wines.


Our harvest is completely done by hand to maintain the consistency and healthiness of the grapes. The proximity of our vineyards allows us to transport the grapes to the winery quickly and often and in small carts.

The maximum quality of bunches in their entirety allows us to reduce the addition of sulphite to the grapes.