Sustainable Agriculture Natural Balance - La Tordera

Natural Balance

For 4 generations our key word has been natural balance, continued and ongoing research into sustainable agriculture from an environmental, economic and social point of view.

Natural Balance stands for the continuous search for sustainability in a closed circuit from the cultivation practices in the vineyard to the production of all our bottles, to the selection of materials used for our packaging, to the CasaClima Wine-certified, company building we work in every day. Our commitment shows through a series of practices which influence every aspect of the winery and whose goal is a “greener” winegrowing process and environmentally sustainable harmony. Every step taken is completely supervised by the Vettoretti family, a closed circuit that we wanted to represent with the graphic symbol of the circle next to Natural Balance.

Our bond with the land

Vines are our life. The Vettoretti family supervises every single production phase which guarantees the quality of every bottle we produce. Today, our vineyards are positioned in different territories near the winery. They span a great variety of landscapes and micro-climates, from the steep slopes of the hills to the antique vineyards of the Valdobbiadene Docg rolling hills, to the younger vineyards nearby the winery.

Good practices

La Tordera winery is the result of the bond between land, nature and function. Starting with the design of the winery with the use of eco-sustainable materials and practices, it was designed to synergistically use different energy sources, water, wood, thermal and solar energy, with a view to save energy. As of today, it is the first and only winery in Veneto to have been awarded the CasaClima Wine certification in 2018.

The winery, built in wood, guarantees excellent insulation thus maintaining suitable temperatures in every space. The work areas of the winery are totally heated with wood-burning furnaces.

The installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof make the winery self-sufficient with regards to energy.

The use of water, to clean the vats and used in some bottling stages, is reduced and recycled to irrigate the vineyards during droughts.

The use of fuel is reserved only for agricultural machinery, looking to optimise its use.

Reduced use of sulphites

The 80 hectares that the Vettoretti family cultivates directly are, at the most, 29 kilometres from the winery. This allows them to transport the grapes quickly and frequently in small carts to the winery. The brief time interval between the harvesting and the wine production in the winery allows for a reduced use of sulphites for a healthier and more drinkable wine.

The wine we produce is the same wine we love to consume as a family, it is the wine of everyday and festive moments.
We have always promoted the pleasure of sharing a glass with those we love and the culture of drinking in a conscious and responsible way, to fully taste the passion contained in all our bottles.

Sustainable Packaging

Our love for this territory is enclosed in our every bottle. We chose sustainability as our guiding principle when selecting all of its components, whose impact is the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Recycled paper was chosen for all the new labels. Our capsules are produced with an innovative and totally bio-compatible and recyclable material without any glue, suitable for food contact and produced with 20% energy savings.

The bottles have been specially designed for our company and weigh only 700 grams and are composed of over 80% recycled glass. 100% recycled paper and virgin pinewood, dried without other treatments, are used for our packaging.


Casa Clima Wine evaluates the environmental compatibility of the “winery” building, the comfort of the work space, the consumption of energy and water when producing the wines, the choice of packaging, but also the impact of transportation. Today, the company covers 70% of its energy requirements through the use of renewable energy sources.

FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification 22000) is a scheme which certifies food management systems and aims at harmonizing certification requirements and the methods to obtain food safety management in the production chain. La Tordera was awarded this certification in 2021 in the hopes of improving and ensuring maximum quality for its customers.