Winery in Valdobbiadene for more than 100 years - La Tordera

Our history

Over 100 years of history

Our family has been our strength for over a century, it is what unites man and nature, and guarantees every bottle.

La Tordera

Our winery was founded in the hills of Valdobbiadene, the heart of the Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG production area, between Venice and the Dolomites.

Always on the lookout for innovation, but never forgetting our bond with our land and its traditions, and respecting this little piece of paradise and its fruits, our winery prefers an ever more “green” approach to its winemaking, in harmony with the environment, looking back to the past and forward to the future.

The name of our wine comes from a rolling hill in the Cartizze area. In ancient times, this hill was home to a bird snare called Tordera; in fact, in autumn, thrushes flew from the nearby mountains looking for food among the rows of vines. Thanks to this tradition, this high ground started being called Tordera. Although the snare no longer exists, the name has remained in the collective memory.

This is where the roots of our family and our winery started to grow, this is where La Tordera began.

Our family

Our love for vines and its fruits was passed down by the great-grandfather Bepi, who in 1918 planted the first vines and started cultivating the vineyard on Colle Tordera. In 2018, we wanted to celebrate this important, “100 years of vines and life” anniversary. We owe our family a lot. They taught us to be attentive, to work hard and be committed; they taught us to appreciate the fruits of our work and they handed down the untamed curiosity to always looks for new answers.

Pietro Vettoretti, having learned from his father Bepi, cultivates our vines with passion. He loves the land to the point of being a real “Cavaliere del Lavoro” (Order of Merit for Labour). With his wife Mirella, he continues the winemaking tradition of the family passing down to us day after day.

Renato’s natural habitat is in the vineyard: together with Pietro he passionately handles all the growing stages, from pruning to harvesting. In this area, research and development are fundamental to improve our cultivations while respecting the traditional, wine-growing traditions of the territory.

Paolo is our wine technician who masterfully works with the grapes, so as to obtain intense and elegant wines always in line with the company’s philosophy of “Natural Balance”.

La Tordera also owes a lot to its collaborators, supporters and friends. This abundance helps us grow every day towards a better future, while cultivating the lessons of the past.

La Storia


Great-grandfather Bepi planted the first vines on the Cartizze hill called Tordera.


Pietro Vettoretti was born.


Pietro Vettoretti and Mirella Anna Vettorello got married.


The La Tordera winery was founded by the Vettoretti family.


We exported our first bottle abroad.


First company expansion.


100-year anniversary of the first vine being planted, opening of the reception area and attainment of CasaClima Wine certification.


Pietro Vettoretti’s 80th birthday.