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Valdobbiadene Docg Cartizze

The elite of Valdobbiadene

Four seasons follow one another and one after the other guarantee the vines rest, sap, buds and more, in a wonderful spectacle that only nature knows how to repeat, year after year.
The centuries-old vine on the Cartizze hill, the top of La Tordera production and of the Valdobbiadene DOCG appellation, is cared for by Pietro (founder of the Vettoretti family for more than 80 years) in the first person, just as his ancestors did before him.

Cartizze Dry has an intense, unique, unforgettable flavour. The nourishing earth, the breeze that caresses the vines, the special climate of this valley and Pietro’s love for this place that is so dear to him, are the ingredients that make this amiable sparkling wine rich in fragrance and flavour and very well-balanced in body.

Hints of apple, ripe pear and, among the flowers, those of lime, wisteria and almonds can be recognised in it, expressing fruity and floral notes on the nose. The perlage is fine and persistent.

11.5 % vol.
Sugar content
18 - 19 gr/l

2018 is the 100 year anniversary of this vineyard. The quality of its grapes is like none other.

Production area/Origin of vineyard

Colle Tordera in the Cartizze basin, Municipality of Valdobbiadene.

Size of vineyard

1 ha


260 m asl

Type of soil

Clay, sedimentary rock of marine origin particularly present in the Cartizze area.

Slope and location

Hilly area exposed to the south.

Training system

Double-arched cane


120 quintals/Ha


Soft pressing and light contact with skins.

Second fermentation

6 weeks at a temperature of 17°C


Bright, straw yellow with tinges of green.


Persistent, with fine bubbles.


Complex and fine with scents of “ abate ” pear, lime tree and wisteria flowers and strong and marked almond aroma.


Intense, fine and elegant, it recalls the sensation of ripe apple and pear.


Short-crust pastry garnished with almonds.

Serving Temperature

Serve at 8° C


White wine tulip for better oxygenation.


Store in a cool, dark place at a constant temperature of 18°C

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