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Brut Sparkling Wine

Fragrances that enchant the senses

Gabry Rosè is a sparkling wine characterised by fruity and delicate notes that meets the tastes of the female world, but not only.

The cuvée is made from red grapes vinified in white, with a curious and expert blend of a simple grape such as Merlot with an indigenous local variety, Incrocio Manzoni 13.0.25, the fruit of the past and the crossbreeding of the Raboso and Moscato d’Amburgo plants.

These grapes are skilfully vinified, lightly pressed and the skins are immediately removed, resulting in a wine with a beautiful rosé colour, brilliant reflections and fine, persistent perlage. The bouquet is reminiscent of strawberry, plum and raspberry and floral notes.

11,50% vol.
Sugar content
9 - 10 gr/l
Brut Sparkling Wine

The Incrocio Manzoni 13.0.25 is a cross between the Raboso and Muscat Hamburg varietals. It was created in the 30s by Professor Manzoni of the Istituto Enologico di Conegliano The Professor said: “One can smile the choice of this very strange combination. I thought that, to correct the Raboso ’ s roughness, the Muscat Hamburg would be perfect to pass on, intact, its character of finesse and create strong and productive descendents.” A wonderfully pink-coloured wine is obtained from these grapes, expertly vinified with a light pressing and eliminating the skins immediately.

Production area/Origin of vineyard

Municipality of Moriago

Size of vineyard

2,8 ha


120 m s.l.m.

Type of soil

Pebbly soil, not very fertile.

Training system

Double-arched cane, cordon-trained and spur-pruned


160 quintals/ha


Separate due to the two harvesting periods and in white. Contact with the skins at about 16°C for between 5 and 12 hours.

Second fermentation

5 weeks to obtain finer bubbles.


Bright rosé with shades of orange.




Fruit, hints of strawberry, Santa Rosa plum and raspberry. Floral notes of violet and slightly spicy of sage and peppercorn. Flavour: It has a good harmony between a hint of sweetness and acidity, together with a light tanginess.


It has a good harmony between a hint of sweetness and acidity, together with a light tanginess.


Strawberry risotto. Pot roast with cherries. Short-crust pastry with chantilly cream and Rosé-macerated strawberries.

Serving Temperature

Serve at 6° - 8° C




Store in a cool, dark place at a maximum temperature of 18°C

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