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Valdobbiadene Superiore Docg

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The Treviso dialect in the Vidor area is in fact a second language. The one on the left bank of the Piave River has a different sound and is immediately distinguishable. Serrai indicates, in Treviso dialect, the menagerie, i.e. the place where farmyard animals were once kept.

Today, the Serrai area, close to the Vettoretti family’s birthplace and the winery, produces one of La Tordera’s most versatile sparkling wines, already awarded by Decanter, the Serrai Extra Dry.
The work in the vineyards of the Glera grapes is intense: the vineyard is located on the slopes of the Vidor hills at an altitude of 200 metres above sea level, ventilated and sunny.

The warmth of the earth is recognisable in the fragrances and taste of this sparkling wine with the colour of sunshine, a flavour reminiscent of the sweetness of ripe fruit and a perfume reminiscent of the scent of certain flowers such as calla lilies and campanula.

11 % vol.
Sugar content
14 - 15 gr/l
Extra Dry Sparkling Wine

This Serrai (name deriving from (“henhouse ”) wine is from the vineyard near the original home of the Vettoretti family.

Production area/Origin of vineyard

On the scope of the hills in Vidor, one of the 15 DOCG municipalities

Size of vineyard

3.6 Ha


200 m asl

Type of soil

Easily erodible heterogeneous pebbles.

Slope and location

Hill exposed to the south.


135 quintals/Ha


The first-pressing must is obtained from the soft pressing of the grapes and is processed at a controlled temperature to keep the aroma typical of the Glera grape intact.

Second fermentation

Over 4 weeks.


Bright straw yellow with tinges of green.


Fine and persistent.


Fruity of Bartlett pear, calla lily and bellflower.


It has a good harmony between a hint of sweetness and acidity, which together with a light tanginess characterize this firm wine. The pleasant fruity aftertaste is pleasant.


Seafood and green asparagus tip risotto. Scallops wrapped with Sauris prosciutto and seared in the oven. Stewed pancetta bites and prunes lightly cooked in the oven.

Serving Temperature

Serve at 8° C


White wine tulip


Store in a cool, dark place at a maximum temperature of 18°C

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