Immagine di Piazza dei Signori di Treviso


Treviso is a real treasure chest full of “precious gems”: the Piazza dei Signori is enchanting from any of its corners.

The Palazzo dei Trecento is majestic and impressive and the Cathedral, which houses the famous Titian painting “Malchiostro Annunciation”, stands on the foundations of an early Christian temple and is a must-see. However, the beauty of this city is its ability to charm you at every step; the presence of the river, the characteristic Pescheria, the traditional fish market on an island, the fascinating area of the Ponte di San Francesco where historical places, mills and weeping willows become the ideal setting for peaceful walks. It is impossible not to pass by Calmaggiore, a street flanked by porticos and stores and from which you can reach the famous Fontana delle Tette, thus called because once upon a time white and red wine flowed from it during city celebrations.

Do not forget the Buranelli Canal, with a series of houses with porticos along the river, which form a characteristic glimpse of historical Treviso. The “Risotto coi Bruscandoi” with tasty wild asparagus, the “Salsa Peverada” made with chicken livers, the famous, sweet and crunchy Radicchio di Treviso, the Sopressa, the coldcut most loved by the Trevisani: some of the products that must be tasted. For dessert, the Tiramisù is a must; Treviso even hosts the “Tiramisù World Cup”.

Distance from "LA TORDERA":45 min