Immagine del balcone di Giulietta e Romeo di Verona


It is easy to say Romeo and Juliet when you think of Verona because the two Shakespearian characters bound their fame to this city and made it the quintessential “city of love” worldwide.

Thousands of tourists come from all over the world to visit this splendid jewel, near Lake Garda, dreaming of taking a picture under the balcony where Juliet appeared to listen to Romeo’s declarations.

Love is not the only reason to visit Verona, but also for culture, art and history. Majestic and splendid, the Verona Arena brings together past and present; nowadays, in this Roman amphitheatre there are ballets, concerts, operas in a breathtaking setting. If you have the opportunity to see a performance, it will remain forever in your heart.

And then the Gran Guardia Palace with its exhibits, Palazzo Barbieri, built in the 19th century and today the City Hall, Piazza delle Erbe, a small jewel built on a historical Roman forum, the Lamberti Tower with its 84 metres in height, the Reggia degli Scaligeri which today houses the civic museum and a thousand other “pearls” that will make your visit a magical experience. Whoever chooses Verona will want to taste its famous “Pasta e Fasoi” (pasta and beans), Bigoli in salsa, Risotto with Amarone della Valpolicella, made creamy with grated Monte Veronese, a real kaleidoscope of flavours and aromas which you will not want to miss.

Distance from "LA TORDERA":2 h