Immagine di Piazza dei Signori di Vicenza


Vicenza is the city of Palladio, one of the greatest architects of all time because you can see 23 of his great monuments while visiting the city; the most famous of all is, without a doubt, the Teatro Olimpico, the first indoor theatre ever built.

Inspired by the Roman theatres, Palladio designed an elliptical cavea with steps and a colonnade with statues. The real masterpiece is the stage, characterized by a proscenium with two orders and aedicules, niches, statues and bas-reliefs, able to recreate a sense of depth that makes it unique in the world, an unparalleled view.

The Basilica Palladiana is majestic and splendid, but it is not a basilica (cathedral); Palladio chose the name basilica to recall antique Rome in which basilicas were places dedicated to politics and important business in the city. You could take a walk along Corso Andrea Palladio, flanked by porticos, small shops, churches and museums. If you decide to go visit the timid and elegant Vicenza, it is impossible not to go to “Villa la Rotonda”, commissioned to Palladio by the ecclesiastic from Vicenza Paolo Almerico, a place that has seen travellers from all over the world for 500 years.

The Salvi Gardens will allow you to discover a more hidden, but beautiful glimpse of Vicenza: the Loggia Valmarana. It is said that many great loves of Vicenza started in this romantic corner of the city. Sensually standing on the water of the Roggia Seriola, the Loggia Valmarana is truly a small paradise. When you decide it is time to eat, do not forget that Vicenza is the land of PDO cheeses like Asiago, Grana, Provolone Valpadana and rare flavour pearls like Stravecchio di Malga. Worth mentioning is also the famous and unique Baccalà alla Vicentina (Vicenza-style stockfish) and, at the centre of attention, the risottos in all their tastiest versions. For dessert, never go without tasting the dry biscuits of peasant tradition and two, more elaborate, but always delicious desserts like the Treccia and the Focaccia.

Distance from "LA TORDERA":1 h 15 min