Our winery was founded on the hills of Valdobbiadene, in the heart of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG production area, between Venice and the Dolomites.

Always with an eye towards innovation, we have never forgotten our bond with our territory and its traditions. Thanks to this respect for this small paradise and the wonderful fruit it gives us, we tend towards an always “greener” wine growing method in harmony with the environment while taking into consideration our past and future generations.

Our name comes from a rolling hill in the Cartizze territory. In olden times, there was a bird snare, commonly called “Tordera”, on this hill. In the autumn season, thrushes flew in from the nearby mountains looking for food in the vineyards; this high ground got the Tordera name from this tradition. Even though the snare does not exist anymore, the name has remained with the local people.

This is where our family started; this is where La Tordera came to be.

In 1918, our great-grandfather Bepi planted the first vine. In 2018 we are celebrating the 100-year anniversary of a gesture which symbolizes our life journey and which was the beginning our story and the success of our winery.


We are three siblings, Renato, Gabriella and Paola, always supported by our parents Pietro and Mirella.

Our love for the vine and its fruit was passed on to us by our great-grandfather Bepi, who planted the first vines and started cultivating the vineyard on the Tordera hill, in the heart of the Cartizze production area.

We owe a lot to our family, they have taught us about attention to detail, hard work, commitment, how to enjoy the results of our work, they have passed on that fearless curiosity to look for new answers.

Pietro Vettoretti, having learned from his grandfather Bepi, cultivates his vines passionately, like someone in love with his land: he is the real Cavaliere del Lavoro (member of the Order of Merit for Labour). Together with our mother Mirella, he is continuing this important winemaking tradition and passing it on to us every day.

Renato’s natural habitat is the vineyard where, with our father Pietro, he follows all the winegrowing phases, from pruning to harvesting, with the same passion. His propensity towards research and development is important in view of improving our vineyards while respecting the traditional winemaking expertise of our territory.

Gabriella manages the sales and administration areas. She passionately and tenaciously promotes the products and is able to both work in the office and be in contact with nature.

Paolo is our graduate enologist, who masterfully nurtures the grapes to obtain excellent Prosecco Superiore cuvees.

La Tordera owes a lot also to its collaborators, supporters and friends. This richness helps us grow every day and look to the future while cultivating the knowledge of the past.



Pietro Vettoretti was born


We expanded the winery


Our grandfather Bepi planted
the first vines on
the Cartizze hill
called Tordera.


Pietro Vettoretti and Mirella
Anna Vettorello got married


We exported our wine
for the first time


100-year anniversary of the
planting of the first vine, opening of a hospitality
area and our “CasaClima Wine” certification


The new eco-sustainable winery allows us to work while respecting the environment; a philosophy that has been our mission even in the care put into the soil where our vineyards are located. The “CasaClima” certification has given us more motive to want to continue following this journey of respecting the environment, with trust and determination. We have always known that the winery is not only a production plant, but also has the responsibility of telling our story and showing our commitment; this is how our desire for inclusion and sharing prospers. A place where declarations become tangible facts, concrete actions and then aromas, scents and the possibility of welcoming, in the best way possible, those who decide to come and meet us. We are happy to have you experience our world and discover that we follow production processes that are controlled at every stage to guarantee a wine of great character, which maintains every note thanks to the steadfast processing of the just-harvested grapes; you can find this intact world of ours in every glass of our Prosecco Superiore.



Winemaking is an art. Entering a winery is a way to get to know those who make wine professionally, for whom sharing is part of their culture. We have always believed in the sharing aspect, in coming together to taste a good glass of wine, maybe even with the rolling, Prosecco hills as backdrop; a healthy and pleasant way to enjoy joyous moments with friends.