It is the quintessential Prosecco, ideal as aperitif.

Production area/Origin of vineyard: Alnè, the area where the winery is located.
Size of vineyard: 6 ha
Altitude: 125 m s.l.m.
Type of soil: Evolved soil containing alluvial clay.
Slope and location: Flat land area.

Training system: Double-arched cane.
Average of vineyard: 25 years, single-varietal Glera.
Yield: 180 quintals/Ha.
Harvesting period: Late September.
Vinification: Soft pressing, fermentation at a controller temperature.
Second fermentation: 4 weeks at a controlled temperature.

Alcohol: 11,5%
Sugar: 15 gr/l

Total acidity 5,8 gr/l
Sulphur dioxide 100 mg/l (max. level allowed in sparkling wine 235 mg/l, max. level allowed in organic sparkling wine 117 mg/l)

Colour: Bright, straw yellow with greenish hints.
Perlage: Fine and persistent.
Bouquet: Fruity with scents of green apple and hints of pear. Floral with overtones of wisteria and vanilla; complex and persistent.
Flavour: It is a well-balanced, fresh wine in which the aromas of fruit are enhanced by a good liveliness. Persistent with an elegant aftertaste.
Pairing: Shellfish risotto. “Catalana di astici” (lobster dish). Grilled dory fillet.
Service: Serve at 6°- 7°C
Glass: White wine tulip to release the aromas.
Storage: Store in a dark, dry place at a maximum temperature of 18°C.
Fun Facts: The term alne’ is identified with “source of water”. It is the place of the first settlements of the population of Vidor, thanks to the presence of a source of water at the foot of the hills.

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