Typical expression of the territory for La Tordera.

Production area/Origin of vineyard: Vidor, one of the 15 municipalities included in the DOCG protocol, hamlet of Colbertaldo.
Size of vineyard: 6.8 ha
Altitude: 180 m s.l.m.
Type of soil: Alluvial clay created by water stagnation.
Slope and location: Vineyard on the valley floor exposed to the south.

Training system: Double-arched cane
Average of vineyard: 60 years
Yeald: 135 quintals/ha
Harvesting period: Early September
Vinification: Soft pressing with the elimination of the torchiatura, using grapes which aren’t completely ripe.
Second fermentation: 4 weeks at a temperature of 15°C to enhance its acidity

Alcohol: 11,5%
Sugar: 7,5 / 8 gr/l

Total acidity 5.5 gr/l
Sulphur dioxide 95 mg/l (max. level allowed in sparkling wine 235 mg/l, max. level allowed in organic sparkling wine 117 mg/l)

Colour: Bright, pale straw yellow.
Perlage: Fine, more compact.
Bouquet: Fragrant mix of flowers and fruit with hints of sour pear and green apple, litchi (fruit with typical aroma of grapes during its various ripening stages), scents of jasmine and thyme and a slight lime aftertaste.
Flavour: It recalls the aroma of apples, is fresh and its harmony has a significant persistence given by the lively acidity.
Pairing: Seafood risotto. “Mojito Scampi”: raw scampi dressed with lime oil and mint. Thanks to its complete personality it is also an excellent sparkling wine to toast with.
Service: Serve at 8° C
Glass: White wine tulip.
Storage: Store in a dark, dry place at a maximum temperature of 18°C.
Fun Facts: The Brunei area gets its name from an antique location cultivated with Prunus, latin name for prune. The wine recalls the flavour of barely ripe, wild prune.

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