Fresh aperitif, perfect for cocktails.

Production area/Origin of vineyard: Moriago della Battaglia and Vidor, flat land area.
Size of vineyard: 5,5 ha
Altitude: 120 m asl.
Type of soil: Pebbly soil with deep clayey pockets.
Slope and location: It is situated on the historical bed of the Piave River.

Training system: Double-arched cane, cordon-trained and spur-pruned
Average of vineyard: 15 years
Yield: 160 quintals/ha
Harvesting period: Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio late August, Glera in September.
Vinification The vinification of the grapes of the different varietals is carried out separately due to the different harvesting periods. For the aromatic varietals, a slight maceration on the skins at a controlled temperature for 5 hours.
Second fermentation: 4 weeks at a controlled temperature.

Alcohol: 11,5%
Sugar: 14,5 gr/l

Total acidity 5,6 gr/l
Sulphur dioxide 100 mg/l (max. level allowed in sparkling wine 235 mg/l, max. level allowed in organic sparkling wine 117 mg/l)

Colour: Bright, intense yellow.
Perlage: Fine.
Bouquet: Yellow fruit with hints of citrus.
Flavour: Very fresh and slightly corpulent, but generous and persistent.
Pairing: Ideal as an aperitif, but also interesting with succulent dishes and Asian cuisine.
Service: Serve at 6°-8° C
Glass: Burgundy glass
Storage: Store in a cool, dark place at a maximum temperature of 18°C
Fun Facts: The name of this wine is an acronym of the future generation of the Vettoretti family: Joseph, Elisa, Luca, Marica, Anna. In the hopes that this wine will inspire them to continue our tradition of winemaking.

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