The no-sugar wine for connoisseurs.

Production area/Origin of vineyard: Vineyard in Guia “Rive di Guia”, Municipality of Valdobbiadene. Grapes exclusively from only one municipality or district: there are only 43 vineyards in the 12 municipalities and 31 districts provided for by the protocol.
Size of vineyard: 1,3 ha
Altitude: 300 m asl
Type of soil: Not compact with the presence of a lot of fossils on stratified limestone.
Slope and location: Hill with steep slope, exposed completely to the south.

Training system: Double-arched cane
Average of vineyard: 60 years
Yield: 130 quintals/ha
Harvesting period: First ten days of September.
Vinification: Soft pressing of the grapes without the addition of sulphites and settling of the must and fermentation with select yeasts at a controlled temperature. It is laid on lees at a temperature of 10°C until its loading in autoclaves for second fermentation. During this period, batonage is carried out at precise intervals. It is then loaded into autoclaves with select yeasts and fermented again for at least 25 days. It is cooled down at the end of the fermentation period and maintained at 10°C for at least 3 months during which more batonage is carried out. Finally, it is filtered and bottled.
Second fermentation: Extended Charmat Method

Alcohol: 12%
Sugar: 0 zuccheri residui

Total acidity 5,7 gr/l
Sulphur dioxide 84 mg/l (max. level allowed in sparkling wine 235 mg/l, max. level allowed in organic sparkling wine 117 mg/l)

Colour: Pale straw yellow with hints of green.
Perlage: Very fine, excellent consistency and persistence.
Bouquet: After an initial floral hint, it becomes generous and fruity while maintaining the natural elegance typical of the grapes it is made of. Very complex for the quantity and quality of olfactory sensations among which Nashi, a fruit with characteristics between apple and pear, and a delicate mineral note.
Flavour: Intense and well-structured with a pleasant acidy freshness. Excellent correspondence between the olfactory and retro-olfactory sensations. It is one-dimensional.
Pairing: Excellent with fish, in particular with simple recipes where the taste of the fish is enhanced.
Service: Serve at 6° C as aperitif and slightly higher for meals.
Glass: White wine tulip
Storage: It is a sparkling wine with an average shelflife of at least three years when stored in a cool, dark place at a constant temperature of 18°C.
Fun Facts: Pietro Vettoretti, with the constant idea of renewing his vineyards, picks the best buds from the best vine to maintain its continuity.

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