The single-vintage wine from historical vineyards and vines.

Production area/Origin of vineyard: Hills in Vidor, one of the 15 municipalities included in the DOCG protocol, in the “Casera del Cavalier Tittoni” district.
Size of vineyard: 2,6 ha
Altitude: 240 m asl
Type of soil: Limestone soil
Slope and location: The hill is composed of compacted, heterogeneous pebbles due to the presence of a seabed beforehand

Training system: Double-arched cane
Average of vineyard: 80 years
Yield: 130 quintals/ha
Harvesting period: Towards late September when the grapes are very ripe.
Vinification: Very slow alcoholic fermentation.
Second fermentation: Slow, the yeasts slowly release carbon dioxide which becomes almost creamy and persistent.

Alcohol: 11,5%
Sugar: 18,5 gr/l

Total acidity 5,6 gr/l
Sulphur dioxide 85 mg/l (max. level allowed in sparkling wine 235 mg/l, max. level allowed in organic sparkling wine 117 mg/l)

Colour: Bright, straw yellow with hints of gold.
Perlage: Persistent and with fine bubbles.
Bouquet: Complex and velvety with hints of ripe yellow apple, yellow plum, white flowers – predominantly white rose, slightly spicy and balsamic. The low sulphur enhances a deeper and more clear-cut sense of the aromas.
Flavour: Intense and noble, it recalls the complexity of the aroma and hints of fruit.
Pairing: Gilthead seabream with pink grapefruit. Baby sirloin with milk. Tuna tartare with thyme and thyme oil.
Service: Serve at 7° C
Glass: Burgundy
Storage: Store in a cool, dark place at a maximum temperature of 18°C
Fun Facts: Its name is that of the historical owner, “Cavalier” Tittoni who, after the destruction of his spinning mill during WWI, donated all his land to the nursery school of Vidor. These vineyards have been cultivated by the Vettoretti family for 70 years.

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